Upcycled Sounds

Independent European sound production company and label, specialising in sustainable production for music, film and documentary. We are based between Oxford and Paris.

Sound Production

With a professional yet portable set-up, we have the expertise to record, mix and produce music, film and documentaries in flexible locations.  We focus on high quality sound and creative production. 

Mini Label

Our label features the best of our productions, priding itself on artists with original, creative music. We normally feature folk, jazz and acoustic artists paired with our electronic and experimental production.


Upcycled Sounds is committed to ethical and environmentally sustainable production, whilst achieving the highest quality sound experience. We also collaborate on projects with our values, e.g. Tandem Festival.


Niko Bio Shot

Nicholas O’Brien – sound engineer & producer for music, film & documentary.

Hello! I am Nicholas and I’m a tri-lingual (English, French and Italian) sound engineer based in Oxford and Paris.

I have a 1st Class Degree in Audio Production and I have experience recording everywhere from world class studios, to the Himalayas to underground Warsaw sewers! I have recorded for the BBC, feature documentaries and corporate clients; produced and recorded numerous albums, EPs, live sessions; and composed and sound-designed for theatre and film. Full list of credits available here.

I am always pushing for new and creative production styles, and I often use sounds that I’ve collected over years of traveling as well as instruments I play: guitar, piano, clarinet, drums, bass, ukulele, flute and Greek bouzouki.

Recent projects

Full CV here: Nicholas_O’Brien_CV_20171019 

Hannah Jacobs – producer, arranger & composer, PR manager.

I’m Jakes, a musician with duel backgrounds in sustainability communications and the arts.

With a 1st Class Degree in Music from Oxford University, I bring creative composition, arrangement and production skills to our projects, as well as keys, accordion, vocals and oboe where required. I have experience writing for a range of styles, from band tracks to choral and orchestral scores. I specialise in lush vocal harmonies and groovy chords and rhythms. I also teach piano and theory.

I am passionate about the intersection between arts and social and environmental issues, and have been involved with various projects bringing the two together – below. I have managed PR and communications for sustainability and arts organisations, and can work with artists to help refine their aesthetics and distribute material.

Current projects

Why upcycling?

Upcyling is part of our ethos, both in our sound production and in a wider commitment to eco-friendly practice.

Our production makes use of reused sounds from our extensive field recording collection and explores new sonic used of objects and electronic tools which would otherwise be thrown away.

We operate on a reduce, reuse and recycle policy to minimise our consumption of resources while maintaining the highest quality output. For example, along our state-of-the-art studio equipment, we also build kit from reclaimed materials, make use of solar power and can even fit a professional recording set up on a bicycle!

We are selective about our partners and prioritise organisations in line with our ethos. We are involved with a number of projects using the arts to to create social and environmental change, including Tandem Collective, Good Food Oxford and Ethno England.

We facilitate clients to make ethical choices, such as offering local food for sessions, upcycled album packaging options and links with local artists.