Folkatron – a new project

Upcycled Sounds are excited to present a new project for aspiring producers – Folkatron!

10 days of music sharing, recording and producing alongside the Ethno England music camp, under expert guidance from sound engineer and electronic production leaders.

Participants will record folk musicians from around the world, and then combine the recordings with sound collecting, sampling, electronic and studio techniques. The result – an album of awesome genre-bending folktronica tracks! There will be opportunities to experiment with new production techniques, recording locations and gear, as well as work with local studios. The project culminates with free entry to 3 day music festival, Tandem Festival, where participants will showcase their work. This new project is an amazing way for recordists and producers of all abilities to take their craft to the next level.

Folkatron participants will share accommodation, meals and social activities with the Ethno England camp, so check out all the info here before you apply!