Nomadic Session #4 – La Terrasse

Unlike the previous sessions, Nomadic Session #4 was held in a non-residential home! It was in the newly renovated buildings of an old school that has now become a cultural centre: l’Espace Chanorier.

We decided to hold the session in their huge veranda which they call ‘La Verrière’. We got there early to set up and had the luxury of experiencing a lovely sunny day in that space! In the morning the sun shone through the huge glass windows of the back room and onto a fragrant wooden floor. In the afternoon the sun moved to the other side of the building and cast its light right into the veranda. It felt very special!

The evening started as the audiences found their way by following a candle lit path into the building. Wine ran out pretty fast but the audience wasn’t bothered as their attention was taken by the wonderful selection of performers and their sounds bouncing around the room. It was a great evening and you can relive it by listening to the recordings below.
Thank you very much to all those who came and we look forward to seeing you at the next session on the 14th March!

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