Folkatron 2018

This year’s edition of Folkatron was a great success! We had a great time recording, sampling, and using all sorts of creative production techniques to create some awesome experimental folktronica tracks, which are available now to listen on Soundcloud and Bandcamp

All sounds were recorded and collected by our Folkatron participants, examples of which include: a reverberating silo, trampolines, chains, a broken piano, water, kitchen sounds, the inside of a village church, bicycles and a stick in the wind. Many instrumental and vocal samples were taken from performances by folk musicians participating in the Ethno England camp.

Folkatron participant Frederikke described part of her creative process when creating her track, “Song from Ammar”:
“I tried to think about the sequence in the track – how I could make it an organic process. I used the singing from Ammar, and furthermore I used sounds from beer bottle capsules, water drops, a choir in a silo, hits on a gas tank, and a few other things, and then I tried to manipulate them in relation to their function in the track.” (Listen to “Song from Ammar” here).
Another participant described the atmosphere of the Folkatron camp as “creative, instructive, fun, experimental, and open”.


More about Folkatron:

‘Folkatron’ is a music production residential run by production company Upcycled Sounds. The project consists of 10 days of recording and production workshops for young music producers, in partnership with Tandem Collective and Ethno England.

Under expert guidance from audio production leaders, participants explore recording, production and sampling techniques. Folkatron works alongside with Ethno England, a camp for young folk musicians from around the world, recording their musicians and then experimenting with electronic, location and studio audio techniques to produce a collection of folktronica tracks. The project culminates in free entry to 3 day music festival, Tandem Festival, where the work will be showcased before being publicly released and toured. Folkatron is a amazing way for recordists and producers to take their craft to the next level.

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