Happy New Year

What a year we’ve had! We’ve set up a recording studio, launched a record label and done 7 releases, started a band, been on tour, run a music festival, done 2 documentaries in South East Asia, founded an electronic music camp, had our production on Radio 6, done a 5:1 sound installation, turned Tap Social Brewery into a venue, made music for Star Wars, done countless music productions and gigs, and who knows what else!

Huge thanks to everyone for supporting us through this manic/epic year, especially to Maiya JazwierskaRosie CaldecottJay Sunaway,Zander SharpSophie JannaSiobhán CoxThe Bookshop BandTap Social, all the Tandem Festival crew, Ross HarrisonLauren SpiceleyNils PeschanskiHimalayas to OceanShaken Oak StudiosWeGotTickets,OCMNightshift MagazineBBC Music Introducing & Truck Store. Bring on 2019!