New Releases & BBC 6 Play

We’ve had a busy couple of months with loads of new releases on Upcycled Sounds Records, and our first play of one of our productions on BBC Radio 6! Listen here.

3 minutes 18 seconds of delicious poise, gorgeous singing, and adventurous production

BBC Radio 6

The melodies, twists, turns, and general execution are top-notch, and likely to sweep you away in a most-beautiful auditory manner

Indie Shuffle

Upcycled Sounds, these guys are really great musicians who just totally got your music, took it, and worked with it to make it shine and sing


So much thought and imagination has gone into the arrangement, a pensive piano and crackling sounds within the percussion part plus some bendy chords and gorgeous harmonies

 Fresh on the Net

It’s not often that you hear an artist able to twist seemingly disparate sounds into such a brilliantly cohesive piece

Bristol in Stereo

Strange but lovely… really worth listening closely to

BBC Introducing

Multitasking excellence… The EP really shines

Nightshift Magazine